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Thirunelly Agri Producer Company Limited (TAPCo), registered in March 2017, is a Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO) set up with the initial support of National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD) and hand holding by Thanal (an organization based in Kerala that works on issues of public interest, especially related to environment, agriculture, and livelihood generation through research, advocacy, action, and education). 

At TAPCo., we operate with the belief that farming and agriculture:

  • When done with traditional varieties, it is about seed sovereignty and conserving the local gene pool.

  • When done using organic practices, it is about securing our soil and water and everything that lives off it.

  • When done with local farm help, it is about creating hinterland jobs and powering local economy.

  • When done with equity, it is about ensuring fair price to the farmer community.

  • When done along with the establishment, it is about strengthening local self governance

  • When done collectively, it is a social celebration and a political action.

For a deeper insight into Who We Are and how we came to be, read the BACK STORY..

What We Do



On the Input side, TAPCo. provides access to seeds of traditional paddy varieties for the upcoming season. And by being an all-weather companion of the farmer through the entire life cycle, TAPCo. has been able to onboard newer farmers who have shown the willingness to move to organic practices with these varieties. 


The first year of hand holding is a closely monitored process. The Field Officer diligently guides farmers on:

  • Testing the soil for nutrient levels

  • Reviving the soil with green manure

  • Seeding processes

  • Preparing/sourcing organic manure and its use at various growth stages

  • Addressing pest attacks with organic pesticides/practices

  • Advising on crop rotation the paddy crop at the end of the season with legumes for soil rejuvenation

  • Facilitating the organic certification process through the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) of Govt. of India, when a farmer is ready to be certified


On the Procurement side, TAPCo lets farmers know of an assured uptake at the start of season, and how? TAPCo procures at farm gate with an immediate cheque at a price that is substantially higher than the state MSP and the local market prices for paddy. These prices are arrived at by calculating the cost of cultivation and yield for each variety for the season. That directly offloads a farmer’s very real end-of-season worries of storage, transport, and returns on the crop. 


That TAPCo is able to extend a fair price to its farmers, who in turn can go back to retaining/reclaiming paddy/wet lands, securing our soil and water, conserving our diverse paddy ecosystem, and preserving traditional paddy varieties; is because of a growing tribe of sensitive consumers who seek products that uphold sustainability values. And TAPCo. is so very proud to be part of this huge drive.


On the Production & Delivery side, TAPCo. offers an assortment of medicinal, aromatic, and table rice; all procured from the collective’s farmers.


And with the newly installed 3 tonnes/day capacity paddy processing unit (meant only for organic paddy), we process for such specifications as: raw, par-boiled, double-boiled, bran percentage. 

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