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Is a medicinal rice, rich in iron. And so, traditionally this full bran rice is given to pregnant women and lactating mothers. It is also useful in alleviating.anaemic conditions.


The rice is best prepared as Kanji (porridge). Also,as rice flour, its excellent for making snacks.



Is an aromatic, mildly sticky, bold white rice, indigenous to Wayanad. Recent nutritional analysis revealed a very high Vitamin A content. Hence, considered good for chlldren.

Its a very easy-on-the-stomach sort of rice. Being sticky and aromatic, it is best for Pal Payasam/Kheer. Its also good for appams and rice flour-based snacks.


Paal Thondi

Its a white bold rice which is best for Kanji (Porridge) in its parboiled form and for breakfast snacks like Idlis, Dosas, Puttu, Appam etc. when used in its raw form.

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This very popular medicinal red rice of Kerala, is best known for its use in Ayurveda.

Its also a much sought after rice, especially during monsoons for preparing Karkkidaka Kanjii, where full bran rice is concocted with fenugreek, dry ginger, pepper, and other local herbs and spices.



Is an aromatic, small, bold, white rice, native to Wayanad. Its a much sought after rice by those who still consider it the soul of Malabar biriyani.

The rice is excellent for making ghee rice as well. And being an easy-to-digest sort of rice, it is good for infants and elderly people.

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Wayanadan Thondi

Is one of the more popular Wayanadan rice varieties. It is a long, bold, red rice. And is generally used in its par-boiled form (60% bran is ideal).

Even as rice, its great; but its best for making Kanji (porridge). And in its raw form, we've found it really good for Idlis, Dosas, Puttu, and Appam.

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