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Despite the current uncertainties due to the Covid pandemic, it is also a time to sow hope. For farmers, it is that time of the year when we sow our paddy seeds. And so, here we are with our second edition of the traditional paddy calendar for 2020.

Over the 12000 years of agriculture history, farmers through keen observation have curated agricultural practices for crops, based on moon cycles, day light durations, rains, no rains, etc. Needless to say, rooting-shooting-flowering-fruiting cycles, pest breeding, are all touched by forces of nature.


As part of our efforts to document existing local knowledge about paddy cultivation cycles and organic practices, last year Thirunelly Agri Producer Company (TAPCo.) brought out an almanac for farmers cultivating traditional paddy varieties in Wayanad. 

Apart from following the full life cycle of paddy through the season, the calendar provides such useful information as: 

  • Organic practices and inputs for cultivating traditional paddy varieties 

  • Processes to make organic fertiliser formulations

  • Techniques for pest and disease management

  • Planner for Khariff (Nanja in local parlance) paddy activities



As part of our extension work, we will also be disseminating stage-wise information to our farmer collective through our social media group.